Rounded and Hexagonal Systems

No system makes a more powerful display statement than our Round and Hexagonal Systems — a selection of clear-domed and hex-top systems delivering total 360-degree product visibility. These units are perfect for turning any retail space into an eye-catching product showplace. And many are available with our Marineland BIO-Wheel®.

Our BIO-Wheel filtration module provides a simple, yet superior solution to three-stage system filtration. Easy to install, easy to maintain, it significantly reduces labor cost while dramatically increasing filtration efficiency.

As water enters the module, waste is mechanically trapped by a poly-fiber prefilter pad. The carbon filter pack contains Black Diamond® premium activated carbon for chemical filtration, efficiently adsorbing dissolved organic compounds.

Passing through the filter media trays, water flows onto the BIO-Wheel wet/dry biological filter mounted below. Because system flow causes it to rotate, the BIO-Wheel is constantly exposed to both water and air, thus developing a thriving culture of aerobic nitrifying bacteria.

Tank Abbreviations:
S - Single Tank
LB - Barrel Design
LB-12, 20 - Height (in inches) of Acrylic Lip
HX - 6-Sided Hexagonal Design
X - Deluxe Design with fully laminated base and rounded corners

  • Refrigeration Unit - Maintains tank temperatures of 45°-70°F and can be preset to the exact temperature required by the system.

All systems also available in 220/240V, 50 Hz.

Many of our systems are available with Marineland BIO-Wheel wet/dry biological filtration. BIO-Wheel improves system water quality, lowers maintenance and increases holding capacity.
LB-12BW(2) Manual

DIMENSIONS: 56" W x 47-3/4" H SHIP WT: 800 Lbs. CAPACITY: 135 Gallons REC LOAD: Lobster 125-150 Lbs.; POWER REQUIRED: 15 Amps, 115V, 60Hz; Dual BIO-Wheel.Reverse Flow Filtration.; UV Sterilizer

LB-12 Manual

DIMENSIONS: 49"Diameter x 46-1/2" H; SHIP WEIGHT: 800 Lbs.; CAPACITY: 135 Gallons; RECOMMENDED LOAD: Lobster 100-125 Lbs.; POWER REQUIRED: 15 Amps, 115V, 60Hz; Dome Cover (w/doors) optional.

LB-20 Manual

DIMENSIONS: 49" Diameter x 54-1/2" H SHIP WEIGHT: 800 Lbs.; CAPACITY: 180 Gallons; REC LOAD: Lobster 100-125 Lbs., Catfish 100 Lbs., Trout 70 Lbs.; POWER REQUIRED: 15 Amps, 115V, 60Hz

LB-1/2 Manual

DIMENSIONS: 48" L x 25"D x 51-1/2 H (w/lid); 46-1/2 (w/out lid); SHIP WEIGHT: 450 Lbs.; CAPACITY: 70 Gallons; REC LOAD: Lobster 50 LBS.; POWER REQUIRED: 15 Amps, 115V, 60Hz; Dome Cover stand optional.

42SHX Manual

DIMENSIONS: 41"W(point to point) x 47-3/8"H; SHIP WEIGHT: 575 Lbs.; CAPACITY: 70 Gallons; RECOMMENDED LOAD: Lobster 50 LBS.; POWER REQUIRED: 15 Amps, 115V, 60Hz; Dome Cover optional.