Reptile Display System

Look no further for the right reptile animal display system for your needs. Your fully integrated Marineland Reptile System provides easy‐to‐maintain enclosures with minimal corners for easier cleaning and better hygiene. Enclosures slide out and are removable for cleaning purposes, better viewing of species and alternate capture. These enclosures are ventilated with perforated, closing lids and side vents for optimal use of the ventilation system which includes odor control cartridges.

The high-performance Temperature Control System ensures intuitive programming for each environment. Each enclosure is environmentally controlled and is individually set by the operator. It also features a thermal cut‐off to avoid over-heating. Above the enclosures are proportionally controlled basking points located in the front along with our commercial grade UL Listed Belly Heat.

The "plug and play" Marineland Reptile System enhances viewing, improves temperature gradient and uses less energy.


  • Powder Coated Steel
  • 120 VAC / 60Hz, 12 AMP electrical
  • 32 watt UVA/UVB lighting
  • 60 watt heat lamps
  • 150 watt Stainless Strips belly heat
  • Temperature range: 70 - 110 Celsius
  • 150 CFM Blower/60 square inches filter air circulation