Mutli-Tray Holding Systems

Ideal for large capacity and/or multiple specimen holding, these two-tiered, closed systems are currently available in two models. In each system, the bottom tray houses all mechanical components (refrigeration unit, water pump, UV sterilizer, BIO-Wheel® units, filter bed and reservoir), while the two upper trays are designed for product holding.

These multi-tray specimen tank holding systems are a great options for anyone looking for a research tank.Continuously recirculated through the entire system, water is chilled to the proper temperature by the refrigeration coils, sterilized as it passes through the UV disinfection unit and routed to the BIO-Wheel filtration modules.

Our BIO-Wheel filtration module provides a simple, yet superior solution to three-stage system filtration. Easy to install, easy to maintain, it significantly reduces labor cost while dramatically increasing filtration efficiency.

As water enters the module, waste is mechanically trapped by a poly-fiber prefilter pad. The carbon filter pack contains Black Diamond® premium activated carbon for chemical filtration, efficiently adsorbing dissolved organic compounds.

Passing through the filter media trays, water flows onto the BIO-Wheel wet/dry biological filter mounted below. Because system flow causes it to rotate, the BIO-Wheel is constantly exposed to both water and air, thus developing a thriving culture of aerobic nitrifying bacteria.

From the BIO-Wheels, prefiltered water reenters the reservoir for recirculation through the filter bed and back through the system.


  • Thermostatically controlled refrigeration (environmentally friendly R-134a)
  • Commercial-grade foam fractionator
  • Fiberglass-molded, foam-insulated trays and sump
  • Holding tray divider panels


  • Glass viewing ports
ML-410BW Manual

DIMENSIONS: 72"L x 48"W x 60"H, CAPACITY: Approx. 340 gallons, POWER REQ: Main Electrical: Dedicated circuit, Recommendation: 20 AMP dedicated circuit, Electrical Rating: 115V, 15 Amps

ML-410BW Manual

DIMENSIONS: 120"L x 48"W x 60"H, CAPACITY: Approx. 560 gallons, POWER REQ: Main Electrical: Dedicated circuit, Recommend: 20 AMP dedicated circuit, Electrical Rating: Elec supply #2 220