Commercial Guides

Information guides for  commercial aquariums, animal displays and research tank systems.

  • Advanced Filtration Infographic

    Download a PDF of this infographic here.

  • Aquarium Lighting Infographic

    Download a PDF of this infographic here.

  • The Success Checklist

    Aquarium Guides: Aquarium care tips for maintaining an aquarium that's happy and healthy  Six Easy-Care Steps For A Healthy Aquarium Don’t Overcrowd Yo...

  • The Basics of Saltwater

    Our sister brand, Instant Ocean, has come up with a great article called The Basics of Saltwater.  Be sure and check it out, and visit to check out mor...

  • Beginners Guide to Successful Fishkeeping

    Aquarium Guides: What aquarium beginners need to know when starting an aquarium  Your Window to Another World Welcome to the world, the art, the experience of fish keep...

  • Filtration: The Total Picture

    Aquarium Guides: Knowing what aquarium filter is best for maintaining a healthy aquarium Whether your aquarium is marine or freshwater ... 5 gallons or 500 gallons ... a specie...