Get the right light: fresh water, saltwater reef or plant.

If it’s the ultimate aquatic showcase you want, look no further than Marineland LED lighting for realistic shimmer and glow. Light up your fishes’ world, or set the spotlight on your plants or corals—there’s a size and style of Marineland LED for your needs.

LED Strip Light
  • Brighter than a single tube fluorescent fixture
  • Ideal for freshwater applications
Advanced LED Strip Light
  • Brighter than a single tube fluorescent fixture
  • Integrated timer for ultimate control
  • Lunar LED lamps replicate the moonlight shimmer cycle. Ideal for freshwater or saltwater aquariums and low intensity plants.
Reef LED Strip Light
  • Brighter than HO T5 lighting
  • Integrated timer for ultimate control
  • Lunar 460NM one Watt LED lamps replicate deep-water light needed for proper coral growth.
LED Aquarium Hood
  • LED integrates into sleek, modern hood
  • Daylight/nightlight setting
Daylight or moonlight, your aquarium deserves the spotlight.
We’ve re-engineered our LED lights from the ground up so you can create the most realistic underwater world in your home aquarium.
  • Designed for reliable, long-term performance
  • Energy efficient
  • Integrated clock and timers fordaylight and lunar timing modes
  • Aluminum housing
  • Lenses on all LEDs
  • 7800 K color temperature
2 How to set the clock and timer
  • Accent LED Lighting System
    • Red and blue lights show off plants, corals and fish
    • Flexible mounting system; fully sealed
    • Provides light in the correct spectral range to augment existing lighting in the aquarium
  • Hidden LED Lighting System
    • In-frame mounting lets you see the light, not the fixture
    • Directional adjustment dial lets you shine the light where you want it
    • Pleasant general illumination for most aquariums, features moonlight shimmer mode
  • Aquatic Plant Lighting System
    • Includes blue, red and green lighting for healthy, lush plants
    • 3-Watt RGB LED dispersion lens
    • Provides correct light energy for photosynthesis
  • LED Aquarium Light
    • Use with a glass or clear plastic canopy
    • Switch between daylight and moonlight options

New packaging makes it easy to determine which light you need for your aquarium.

Highlights special features unique to the light

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