Ick Remedy

Ick Remedy
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Ick, commonly known as white spot parasite, is associated with fish stress like poor water quality, temperature fluctuations or new fish additions.  Ick is easy to treat and with long term healthy water conditions you can prevent reinfection.
  • Treats external parasites and final infections
  • Clears white spot disease fast
  • Will not harm biological filter

Treated tank for ick yesterday. Do I treat the tank every day for the next 4 to 6 days with 25% water change each of those days?

Or do I retreat after 4 to 6 days and start the 25% water change at that time? I am using Marineland Ick Remedy.
Asked by: gramax4
Treat once a day until the fish are well. I highly recommend at least one more treatment after all spots have disappeared. You do a partial water treatment prior to each and every water change, starting with the very first one. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-05-27

How long after last ick treatment should I wait to put shrimp and snails back in tank?

My understanding is that the ick treatment is toxic to snails and ghost shrimp so I removed them from my tank. How long should I wait after the last treatment before I put them back in the tank?
Asked by: Ndss
After the last treatment is finished, please complete a partial (25%) water change, add in a new carbon filter cartridge to your filter and wait 24 hours before re-introducing any snails and crustaceans into your aquarium. ML2
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-05-19

Will Ick Remedy stain white sand?

I have an aquarium with cory catfish, guppies, and neons. I understand that Ick Remedy is safe for use with these fish, but can cause staining. I will remove the decorations I am worried about before I begin treating the tank, but I have used all white sand substrate in the bottom of the aquarium and am worried it will permanently stain it.
Asked by: hkirbyson
The main ingredient of Ick Remedy is Victoria Green. It has been known to stain lots of different things. If you have any concern at all, I would not recommend using it, although I do not know if it will stain the sand or not. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-05-13

Can you mix remedies?

Can you mix ick remedy, a salt remedy and increase the heat?
Asked by: dallasjustin42
It is okay to use aquarium salt with any of our medications, and yes, you can increase heat, gradually, during treatment. Just make sure you do a partial water change before starting any of this. Disease most often occurs due to environmental issues or a lack of maintenance. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-05-07

Is the Ick Remedy safe for fry?

I have one Molly with what looks to be Ick on her. She is pregnant and i have fry in a breeding container from another molly. I had already done the first dose of Ick Remedy when i thought about it harming them. Also, when i do a water test strip, it shows the nitrite in the stress level and its acidic. I have tried several things the pet stores recommend me to do. But every test comes out the same. Any recommendations? Thanks. Tammy
Asked by: star30141
Hi Tammy, Yes, it should be fine for the fry. In regards to the nitrite, add aquarium salt at a rate of 2 tablespoons per 10 gallons of water. You should also be vacuuming and changing 25% of your water once every day or two until it comes down, and if the filter hasn't been cleaned in a while, take it apart, lightly rinse it, and replace the media. 24 hours after you do all this, add Tetra Safe Start plus, and then leave the tank alone, just test it once daily. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-05-07

Ick in a new tank

I have a new tank and noticed ick on a comet goldfish. The directions say to remove the carbon filter while treating. Is a new carbon filter recommended or can I use the existing carbon after treatment with ICK REMEDY?
Asked by: tinatoo
If the old one is no more than 1-2 weeks old, you can continue to use it. Carbon needs to be replaced every 3-4 weeks. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-05-19

directions confusing on ick remedy

Directions say treat for 4 to 6 days. They also say treat every 24 hrs if white spots continue. I have always treated 1st time and 2nd time 48 hrs later and 48 hrs after that did 25% water change and put carbon back online.. Is your product everyday for 4 days ? or twice in 4 days?
Asked by: Kevin1898
Once a day until the spots are gone. We typically recommend treating for a full 5-7 days to be sure the ick is gone, even if spots disappear after a day or two. This is to be sure the larvae have all been killed as well. As medications are detrimental to the water quality so be sure to do a partial water change prior to each dose and one last one, 24 hours after the last dose. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-04-26

regarding Ick Remedy

Kindly let me know what I need to do in order to start using your ICK REMEDY on my 75 gallon freshwater cichlid tant. I did a 2 day dose of ICK Cure from another company and I just bought your medicine. I still have some ICK on the fish and want to do a full 4-5 day dosage. But is it safe to use your product after doing a two day dose with another ICK medcine. The other ICK medicine contains formaldehyde and malachite green. Thank you, Teresa
Asked by: teresa
Hi Teresa, You would need to do a partial water change, and let new carbon run in the filter for about 12-24 hours. Then remove the carbon and begin the new treatment. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-04-07

is this safe for scaleless fish?

I have a black ghost knife fish that i seen spots on. I was told before that since it has no scales to treat with half the dose as you normally would. Was the information i was told true
Asked by: mcichon63
Half dose is the general recommendation at best. We dont' recommend it at all with scaleless fish. Meds, in general, are too harsh for scaleless fish in most cases. Always be prepared to do a large water change and add fresh carbon if the fish reacts to it. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-07-04

What is(are) the active ingredient(s) in this product? Is it safe to use with my catfish?

I am using 3 mLs of Ick Remedy to treat my 6 gallon Fluval Edge aquarium after a 25% water change, once daily. I have a corydora catfish, 2 platys, a guppy, and a molly. Any advice is appreciated.
Asked by: ItsMeKelly
Victoria Green is the ingredient. Yes, it is safe for the fish you have in your tank. Corys are NOT scaleless. We get that question a lot for some reason, but they are not. Pimalodelas and channel catfish are scaleless. Victoria Green has been in use for treating parasites in fish for probably 20-30 years. It is a very strong chemical, so do not overdose it. Remove your carbon from the filter, but keep it running and keep plenty of aeration as well. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-03-27

is ick remedy safe for creyfish?

i have 110 gal. freshwater tank with one large creyfish and several angels,sharks and a gorenomy. one angel is infected with what looks like ick .hoping to treat with out removing creyfish.?????
Asked by: Budman
It is not safe for the crayfish or the sharks. Pull the sick fish and put it in a quarantine tank. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-03-18

Can I use ick remedy in a salt water tank?

I thought I bought salt water ick medicine. But I guess this one doesn't really say
Asked by: Maverick9890
It is not for marine tanks, no. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-03-11

Is your Ick Remedy safe for snails?

Asked by: Andy3
No. I do not know of any medication safe for use with snails. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-03-05

Do I need to do water change daily ?

Hi, 1- started the treatment 2 days ago I did a 20% water change yesterday and then did the treatment 2-3 hours after. Do I do another 20% water/vaccum change ? 2- I have a 20 gallon Mainland LED Bio-wheel aquarium but the wheel seems like throwing little white things like sand is it normal ? 3- I had to remove my African Dwarf Frogs during the treatment, when can I put them back in the aquarium ? Thank you
Asked by: FrenchieDi
Yes, do a 20% water change and re-treat once a day, until the fish are well. Once you no longer see spots, treat for at least 1 more day. After the final treatment, wait 24 hours, then do your last partial water change, and replace the carbon in your filter system. No, the biowheel would not be doing that. If you have had the tank for a while, your filter system may need cleaning. It could have some build up down in the bottom of it. I would run the new carbon in the filter, after you are finished treating, for at least 24 hours, then put the frogs back. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-03-02

Ick remedy question after the first dose (4-6 days)

It says one dose lasts for 4-6 days. If white spot persist dose every 24 hrs until it clears. Change 25% water change prior to each dose. After changing the 25% water change (after the 4-6 days) do i treat for the full 37 gallons or just for the 25% water change i did? My aquarium is 37 gallons.
Asked by: Nicecook
You treat the tank once a day, or once every 24 hours for a total of 4-6 days. Always treat for 1 or 2 days after the spots disappear, to make sure you kill all the eggs and larvae. You will treat the full 37 gallons after each water change. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-02-27
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