Aquatic Plant Lighting System

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LED aquarium lighting for growing aquatic plants.

By consumer request, Marineland introduces the Aquatic Plant LED. In addition to the 1 watt 6,500K LEDs, each light comes packed with 3 watt RGB LEDs that provide 460nm blue, 660nm red, and green accent lighting to make your aquatic plants thrive, keeping them healthy and lush. The Aquatic Light LED features our new integrated timer, as well as our newly-designed dispersion lens. Finally, your aquatic plants have the light they have been waiting for, in a modern, streamlined design.

  • 1 watt 6,500K White LEDS
  • 3 watt RGB LEDs
  • Integrated Timer
  • Energy-efficient 1 watt and 3 watt LEDs
  • Polycarbonate lens (1 watt, white LEDS)
  • Dispersion lens (3 watt, RGB LEDs)
  • Integrated heat sink
  • Slim profile
  • 50,000 lifetime hours
  • Low voltage, single power source 
  • Flexible mounting system 
  • One-year performance warranty

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# of 1 Watt White LEDs 

# of 3 Watt RGB LEDs 

PAR/LUX at 12"
PAR/LUX at 24"











36"-48"  36  6 3480
48"-60"  46  8  4480

Aquatic Plant LED Light Manual
Aquatic Plant LED Light Manual