Maxi-Jet® Multi-Use Water Pump

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Maxi-Jet® multi-use water pumps are three pumps in one: power head, utility pump, and now featuring a circulation pump option.  Still the best power head for powering undergravel filters and running wave maker timers, as well as for running small fountains, calcium reactors and skimmers. 

The Maxi-Jet also contains an in-box conversion kit, which can turn the power head into a prop style circulation pump for ultimate water movement inside the aquarium--using the least amount of energy!  The Maxi-Jet is the most fully adaptable pump available.

Can my power heads be all the way under water

Asked by: Fat Daddy122
Yes, they can; they are intended for submersible use. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-08-29

Can you reduce the flowing the power heads. I recently downsized my tank and the flow is a bit too strong

Asked by: LoriD1
No, it does not have a flow control on it. You can change the direction of the flow, but not the power of it. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-08-15

Power head didn't come with clear instructions. How do I set it up for under gravel filter

Asked by: Fishhead6162
Essentially, there is a long cone shaped piece that attaches to the bottom of the powerhead and rests on/in the UGF uplift tube. The suction cups and bracket should still attach to the glass panel of the tank. The powerhead should not be more than 2" down in the water, and the venturi adaptor should be attached and outside the tank, to draw air into the powerhead. Please call if you have any questions at all. 1-800-322-1266. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-08-03

What Inside diameter tubing(s) are needed for the Marineland Maxi-Jet Pro 1200 to turn it into an inline pump??

Asked by: jenningske
1/2 inch. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-08-15

About 3 months ago I purchased a Maxi-Jet 900 power pump that I use as a circulation pump. Can I get a an impeller replacement. The impeller that came with the unit does not turn any more, the impeller is broke

Asked by: Ackee Bud
If it has seized up, try soaking it in white vinegar for about 15 minutes, after removing any and all debris. If it is a manufacturer defect, such as the shaft snapping in half, contact us at 1-800-322-1266. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-07-25

Hi there. I have a 40 gallon (36 inch wide. 18 inch depth and 17" tall) planted tank with tetras and gouramis. Which maxijet would best suit my needs for water circulation? Thanks.

Asked by: rastamanvibration
Plants normally don't like too much movement so I would probably go with the Maxi Jet 400. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-09-18

I have a 50 gal tank using two Maxi-flo 600's that need replacing These are used for a two plate under gravel filter. Is this still the recommended type for this type filter? Should I add a third 600? Or maybe use two 900's instead? Thanks, Dennis

Asked by: Chromeboy
I would use either the Penguin 660s or the Maxi jet 600s, either are perfect for this application. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-06-13

What is the voltage of your pumps. will the voltage be viable in Ireland @220 volts

Asked by: fod1
They are 120 volts, and no, they will not work at 220 unless you have an adaptor. Additionally, we do not sell direct, unfortunately. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-06-06

Could you tell me what the difference between the maxi jet 1200 and the maxi jet 1200 pro is?

Asked by: Jacob55
The only difference is the packaging and the impeller. We made changes to the impeller in the past 6 months to a year. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-09-18

I have an outdoor bird bath that requires a Submersible Pump in order to circulate water. I used a MN606 Mini-Jet. Today the wire casing cracked an exposed the wires. Is this the recommended pump or would you recommend something different ?

Asked by: Lew75
That is a good pump for that purpose, but it is no longer made. It was discontinued some years ago. We no longer make a small, submersible pump like this in the Marineland line. We do make the Tetra SP 140 pump, however, which is sold through garden centers and nurseries. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-09-18

Hi if i use it as a sump set up like example 2 of the manual what GPH should i expect 295? thanks

Asked by: teufel
No, it does 295 gph at 0 head. That is the maximum flow rate in the powerhead mode. You would need to incorporate the amount of head you would have, which depends on the distance from the sump to the top of the tank, but it would be considerably less. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-05-13

I have an 120 gallon aquarium, with under gravel filters, and wanted to purchase this pump to circulate water under the gravel. How many should I buy and what size? And also, do these come with the adapters to hook them into an undergravel filter?

Asked by: TheCrazyTurtleLady
Yes, they do come with the adaptors needed for hooking them to UGFs, and how many depends on how many tubes you want to hook up, but I would suggest at least 4 of them. To get 120 gallons of water turned over at least 7 times an hour, I would recommend the MJ900 as a minium. Four of these will give you 920 gallons an hour which is between the normal 7-10 times per hour recommended for turning over the water in an aquarium. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-04-26

I purchased 2 maxijet pro 1200's. I was going to use them for additional circulation in my 10 reef. The one I opened is SO noisy i cannot use it in my tank. I have tried to re-seat the propeller many times to no avail..Please advise..Thank you

Asked by: Richy
As it starts up, it will definitely make some noise for about the first 10 seconds, then should go quiet. If you have it on a wave maker or something along that line, I would not recommend using it in that application. If you are using sand, unplug it and take it apart to make sure sand has not gotten up into it. Other than these tips, please call us so we can troubleshoot it for you. 1-800-322-1266. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-04-13

Have a 39 gal eclipse show tank power head that disperses water across filter in hood is out do you have replacement? If so what is price? Thank you 

Asked by: Jeff b
Here is the item that you need: It will not come with an impeller or an impeller cover, so keep your old ones. The price is $39.06. I would recommend pulling the impeller out and cleaning it and the pump first, if you have not already done so. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-04-11

Can this item be used as an external inline pump ? Thank you.

Asked by: Tonyette
Yes, it can. You can see a set of instructions on the website if you scroll down the Maxijet product page and click on Instructions and Manuals. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-03-11

Will this pump works for my SeaClone protein skimmer model 150?

My SeaClone protein skimmer model 150 is on and off every other minute. I had replaced the impeller once and now the pump is working on and off. I wonder if this pump is compatible with my protein skimmer. I have 60 gallons tank with corals and fish.
Asked by: blezzedguy
That skimmer takes the Maxi Jet 1200 with a special adaptor. If you buy the powerhead as such, you will need to keep your old adaptor as a new powerhead will not come with one. Try soaking the entire powerhead in distilled white vinegar to see if this will remove deposits and get the powerhead functioning properly again. It still sounds like an impeller issue, but there could be deposits in the chamber the impeller resides in as well. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-01-19

what size tubing (inside diameter) is this compatible with. i want to use it as a pump from a 55 gal drum to my tank for water changes.

what size tubing (inside diameter) is this compatible with. i want to use it as a pump from a 55 gal drum to my tank for water changes.
Asked by: jdf25
1/2" BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-01-18

maxi jet powerhead

i'd like to know how to choose a powerhead size? not sure if the 2 i've tried are good 55 gallon tank
Asked by: Jojo3
There isn't a real formula for choosing one. It is based on what you want to use the powerhead for in your tank. You can basically look at the gph of each powerhead, and go from there. Determine how much water movement you may want or your fish may tolerate. Also, do you want just one or are you placing one at each end of the tank? That affects what you choose as well. As it sounds like you want two, the 600 or 900 would work, again, depending on what they are going to do in the tank. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-01-06

What are the specifications of the motor?

I'm curious as to what the specs of the motor are in this unit.
Asked by: Narwhal
Thank you for your inqruiy. However, we will contact you directly via email in regards to further information for the question that you have provided. MINI
Answered by: MINI
Date published: 2016-01-09

Maxi jet 900 External configuration

I would like to glue one attachment onto the inlet, what type of plastic is this made from? PVC?
Asked by: Matt001
No, it is made from ABS. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-11-03

Maxi jet 900 External configuration

I would like to use the pump in an external configuration but I don't see how the tubing will hold on the stubby stepped inlet. It seems as if the tubing will slide off over time even with a clamp. Is there another attachment sold separately?
Asked by: Matt001
No, there is no other attachment. Teflon tape or hose clamp is recommended. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-11-02

new maxi jet 400 won't turn on

ok - how dumb is this: I assembled the circulation pump for laminar flow (option B), submerged it in the tank attached to the wall with suction cups, and was disappointed when I plugged it in that nothing happened. I'm brand new at this. What am I missing?
Asked by: Fishless
Here's a dumb question, did you insert the propeller? If not, well then.... :-) If so, try pulling it out and re-inserting it. They are sneaky little things that will sometimes not stay in. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-12-28

does the old style impeller, 0045008, fit the new maxijet 600 pro?

Asked by: roberts
No it does not. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-10-08

Is there a built in timer ion Marineland Mj400

Having issues with current pump and not sure if it needs replacing or if there is some time delay built in
Asked by: Donwan
No, there is no built in timer in any of our powerheads. Try removing the impeller and soaking it in distilled white vinegar for about 10 minutes. Soak the powerhead separately, as well. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-09-23


I need to replace a Marineland NJ1100 for my UV Sterilizer. Which model would be the equivalent? Thank you.
Asked by: RGinFB
The pump that would be the closest in flow rate would be the Maxi Jet 1200 Power Head that you can convert into a circulation pump. MINI
Answered by: MINI
Date published: 2015-08-17

is this unit used as alternative to simple air pump for 20 gal

20 gal guppy tank, overstocked. Have HOB filter with Tetra 77853 Whisper Air Pump, 40-Gallon. Does this unit replace the air pump, and will I still need the filter?
Asked by: retired
It can, yes, although it mostly circulates water, it does not provide oxygen like the air pump. And yes, you definitely need the filter system. This pump may be a bit strong for guppies. You could add a prefilter onto the inlet to help filter the tank, and slow the flow down. Use the venturi to provide oxygen. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-07-24

new Maxi-Jet 900 is very loud??

Just installed brand new Maxi-Jet 900 and it's very loud. I'm using it for circulation with the laminar flow head on I've tried taking it part and reset the long propeller and I've tried putting it in different positions for a better result but to no avail
Asked by: dreadhead
In the circulation mode, it will be loud for approximately 10 seconds as it starts up. After that, it should be quiet. Additionally, it is not intended to have anything attached after it. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-07-20

Will the maxi jet 1200 attach to the sea clone 100?

Is it the same as the one that comes with a SeaClone 100 protein skimmer?
Asked by: Don13
Yes, and no. It is the same powerhead, but the one with the Seaclone comes with an adaptor that the powerhead alone, does not. If you have the adaptor, you can buy just this powerhead and connect it. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-08-24

Is it possible to attach tubing to the Maxi-Jet Aquarium Power Heads?

I want a pump that allows me to attach a tubing to suck sea water from a 200 lt tank to another 200 lt tank.
Asked by: Ines
Yes, you can remove the diffuser and connect tubing, but it will only work this way if it sits in the bottom of the one you wish to remove water from, and then has tubing attached to the outlet end and extending into the second tank. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-06-25

What powerhead go with this?

I have a 280 gallon want it for aeration,Maxi Jet 600 or 1200..?
Asked by: Rjpp
For that size tank, if you want just one or two, I would use the Maxi Jet 1200. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2015-06-08
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ML90509 - Maxi-Jet 400 - 110-500 GPH
ML90510 - Maxi-Jet 600 - 160-750 GPH
ML90511 - Maxi-Jet 900 - 230-1000 GPH
ML90512 - Maxi-Jet 1200 - 295-1300 GPH

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