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Marineland’s newest kits are available in either three or five gallon glass aquarium sizes.  All kits feature Marineland 3-stage hidden filtration with a Rite-SizeTM Z Cartridge and Marineland Bio-Foam® (included in the kit), and include an adjustable flow filter pump.  Bright white and blue energy efficient LED lights feature a 3-way switch (toggle between white and blue, off, and blue-only settings).  The white LEDs create a shimmering light in the water that mimics the underwater effect of sunlight, and the blue LEDs produce a relaxing moonlight glow.  The kits feature either a hinged or sliding glass canopy for easy feeding and water care dosing.  These easy-to-assemble kits are beautifully designed and easy to maintain.


  • Available in 3 gallons
  • Canopy is hinged for easy access to tank

Contour and Portrait

  • Portrait available in 5 gallons
  • Contour available in 3 and 5 gallons
  • Glass Tank with Curved Glass and base
  • Light is hinged for easy access to tank
  • Sleek, sliding glass canopy

What is the difference between the Portrait and Contour fish tanks?

Asked by: blippityblank
Thank you for your inquiry. The only difference is the light itself and the Portrait only comes in a 5 gallon size, no 3 gallon size like the Contour, which comes in both sizes. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-11-23

Hi - absolute beginner here. hoping to buy the contour 3 for my 9-yr old son. Wife will take care of maintenance. So -- what types of (and how many) fish do you recommend for this parrticular model? No plans for saltwater.

Asked by: NYCsouth
Well, if you have not purchased it, then I would recommend the 5 gallon version, if you think your son will really be enthusiastic about keeping fish. Some of the species that can be kept in these small tanks are: glofish, neon tetras, von rio tetras, betta, white cloud minnows, danios, rasboras, and guppies. Basically, if you want to keep more than one fish, then you need to choose a variety that will not grow more than 1-2 inches in length. The 3 gallon can eventually house 2. The 5 gallon can house 3-4, depending on what species you choose. If you like the betta, that is all you will keep in the 3 gallon - just one betta. But in the 5 gallon, you could keep a betta with a mystery snail, otocinclus catfish or a couple of white cloud minnows, for example. Your wife should change about 30% of the water weekly. The little pump in the back can be pulled out every month or two, or any time the flow rate slows down, taken apart, and cleaned. And the cartridge should replaced once a month, the foam rinsed. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-11-23

Hi i have been searching to buy the Cartridge holder that holds the filter for the Portrait 5 gallon. Is there any way I can buy that? Thank you 

Asked by: Angee
Thank you for your question! Unfortunately, that part is not sold separately. Please contact us at 1-800-526-0650 for assistance with this matter. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-11-10

Where do I find just the filter?

Asked by: pumpkinmom
Thank you for your question! If you are looking for just the replacement cartridge, that is the Rite Size Z cartridge, and it is sold through most pet and fish stores, as well as through all of the major online vendors for pet and fish products. If you need the foam sponge or the little pump, please contact us at 1-800-322-1266 so we may assist you. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-11-09

I see two different lights on the portrait and contour. What is the difference in led configuration and which is brighter. Planning on using one for a saltwater low light coral tank. 

Asked by: IBernE
Thank you for your question. Neither is suitable for coral. The LED bulbs are the same, the only difference is the shape of the light. Kelvin rating would be around 5,900K. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-11-07

I just want to know when more Contour 5 gallon tanks will be available for ordering. I would like to purchase this tank from my aquarium supplier, but they said they were unable to order anymore in. Thank you!

Asked by: StefanieK
That is an issue with either your store or their distributor. These are not discontinued. It could be that their distributor was on backorder. Try looking around at other stores. Additionally, I believe carries them. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-11-23

I have a 5 gallon portrait tank and the pump isn't very strong even turned all the way up. Do I need a new pump? I have owned this only a few months now.

Asked by: Turtle04
No, you need to take the pump out, and open the front of it. Just pull the front cover off, then remove the propeller blades. Clean them, and take a q tip and thoroughly swab out the inside of the pump. This maintenance should be routinely done every month or two. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-11-23

I purchased a marineland silhouette yesterday I liked it a lot but one drawback is it's without a lid which would be dangerous for betta fish.Is it possible to buy separately.thanks

Asked by: Barnali
No, it actually is not sold separately, but we would be happy to send one to you, free of charge. I will reach out directly. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2017-10-12

how to turn on filter

Asked by: evan2000
Simply plug it in. If it is not working, remove the pump from the tank, press your thumb into the bottom of it, and pull at the same time, towards the front of the pump, away from the power cord. This will remove the bottom cover so you can inspect the impeller. If you need more assistance, please call 1-800-322-1266. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-10-13

I have the 5 gallon portrait aquarium. I have lowered the filter to the lowest setting and the current is still too strong for my betta. Does anyone have a suggestion for this? I know a sponge can be added but I don't know where to add it.

Asked by: Leah1982
I cut three holes into the vertical tube running out of the pump. It was trial and error, but eventually got the flow low enough for my Betta. But I'm sure this will void the warranty, so do this at your own risk. 
Answered by: god910
Date published: 2016-12-02

Is the contour 5 good for beta fish? I'm considering the  The 3 or 5 gallon to get my beta in a bigger tank that I can decorate. I keep hearing that the outflow is too strong

Asked by: Natersgirl
The pump is adjustable like the manufacture (BREX) said, but it is still too powerful for a betta without alteration or without placing plants in such a way that it blocks the current. You will have to make adjustments for your betta's delicate tail, otherwise it will tear when he is sucked up into the current.
Answered by: Leah1982
Date published: 2017-01-27

Hello, I just purchased the 5 Gallon Marineland Portrait Aquarium kit from, and was wondering how often I would need to change the filter's "biofoam" (assuming I have to regularly buy more and replace them time after time).

Asked by: Fumi
Most likely never, but you only replace it if it gets to where it is falling apart, or if you lose it. The material is really tough, so it would be pretty rare. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-09-26

what is the replacement filter for this? Marineland Portrait Glass 5 Gallon LED Aquarium Kit, 11.8" L X 11.8" W X 16.8" H

Asked by: kfalusi
Rite Size Z is the replacement cartridge. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-09-19

I want to upgrade the pump that come with Marineland ML90609. Please tell me what is the return pump model that you have with your 5 gallons nano unit.

Asked by: vic luu
We do not make a 5 gallon nano tank. The pump that you already own is the only 5 gallon kit we make besides a standard 5 gallon, rectangular tank with a hang on the back filter. We do not have another pump to recommend for use with our kits. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-09-19

Is the power adapter for the pump only 110 volts or does it work for 110-240? If only 110, is the power supply fixed or could I plug in a 220 line and plug?

Asked by: AnnieOne
It is 110V, and you would need an adaptor/converter to convert it to 220. You could not plug a 220 line into it without the adaptor/converter. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-09-12

What are the differences between 5 gallon Portrait and Countour tanks?

Asked by: Pinkycat
Correct. The tank, filter assembly, etc., is the same. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-09-09

Does the 5 gal portrait tank have a place for a heater?

Asked by: Dhall8787
Anywhere you care to put one in the main part of the tank, like with any other type of tank. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-09-08

(Marineland Portrait Glass 5 Gallon LED Aquarium Kit) What would the total height be of the tank and LED light? Thank you!

Asked by: MADUB
16" BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-12-02

are these approved for saltwater as well?

Asked by: aburrum01
Yes, they can be used for saltwater systems, although the light will not support coral. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-08-22

I purchased the 3 gallon tank on July 2/16 and the light just stopped working. Is the light covered by warranty since this happened less than 2 months after I bought the tank? How can I get a replacement? Thank you!

Asked by: JulesJoy
Yes, it would be covered under warranty, we would just need to know which 3 gallon you own, and of course, your information. Someone will contact you directly. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-08-22

I purchased the marineland nook 3 kit.  I'm in the process of putting it together.  Do I submerge the motor that is attached to the filter?  

Asked by: chelle808
Yes, you sure do! It attaches to the inside of the tank, and the cord also goes in the water. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-08-27

I own the silhouette tank. Filter is making a loud sucking noise. Back of the tank doesn't seem to be holding water like it should be. Any suggestions?

Asked by: sryan
Water should be able to just move through the two intake areas to fill the back, even without the pump working. As it is not, it sounds like there is a clog of some sort. Perhaps the cartridge and the foam both need replacing/or cleaning. Check to make sure nothing is blocking the two intake areas such as plant matter or gravel. The pump should be opened, and the impeller pulled out for cleaning. If you tend to have hard water, remove the impeller and soak it in white vinegar for about 15 minutes. Please give us a call if you cannot resolve the issue. 1-800-322-1266. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-08-11

i have two of our 3 gallon contour desktop tanks and one of them, the led lights has four (4) white lights out .i ask the store where i bought it about a replacement light .they said they cant get one .

Asked by: tenny
We do not sell parts to this unit at this time, however, we have them to send out upon request. We will contact you directly. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-08-08

Where can I find a replacement impeller for the contour 5 gallon pump? Mine came broken but I didn't realize it for quite some time (since it was always missing a prong, I didn't realize it should have 3 instead of 2 until I inspected it closely).

Asked by: Ravenshadow861
That would be replaced by us, under warranty. Someone will be in touch directly. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-08-04

3 gallon Contour. I understand that the pump is submergable but it's not clear how it should be placed in the back chamber. Does it sit with the suction cups on the bottom of the tank? I want to make sure it is safe to have a foot of cord in the water.

Asked by: Jenpurl
Yes, the feet go on the bottom of the chamber, and yes, the cord is safe to go in the water. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2017-01-27

I purchased the marineland portrait glass 5 gallon led aquarium kit less than a year ago and the led lights began flickering before going out. Now my tank has no functioning light. Is there a replacement option? How do I resolve the issue?

Asked by: Raziel
Good morning, Thank you for your inquiry and we are more than happy to help you replace the light that is no longer working on your tank. We will be emailing you directly for more information. MINI
Answered by: MINI
Date published: 2017-01-30

I just purchased the Nook 3. Does the blue mesh on the filter cartridge face forward to the front of the filter, or towards the back? 

Asked by: B8SB8S
Towards the back of the filter. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-07-25

I have a 5 gal model. WHERE do I BUY new sponge filter? the unit has 2 filters. one carbon that I CAN FIND but I can't find a replacement for the sponge/foam filter. it's old and ratty

Asked by: Dale larsen
Petco and Petsmart would be your best bet. We'd be happy to send one to you though, free of charge. I will email you directly. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-07-20

I just purchased the Portrait Glass 5 Gallon LED Aquarium Kit and I can't seem to find replacement filter cartridges. Am I missing something? What should I be using as replacement filter cartridges

Asked by: claireb2
Good afternoon, Thanks for your inquiry. Currently the Rite-Size P filters are sold exclusively at PetSmart. If you can’t find them at a local store, they are sold at, as item #36-5230301. Thank you, MINI
Answered by: MINI
Date published: 2016-07-12

Are the tank dimensions of the contour 5 and portrait 5 both the same? Petco has the portrait listed as being 11.8" L X 11.8" W X 16.8" H while Dr. sfostersmith has the contour listed as being 9-5/8"L x 9-5/8"W x 14" H

Asked by: Tyson
Yes, they are the same. Drs. Foster and Smith would be correct, Petco's are off just a bit. BREX
Answered by: BREX
Date published: 2016-12-02
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