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Choose from a variety of commercial aquariums, animal displays and research tank systems.

Commercial Aquariums, Animal Displays and Research Tank Systems

From our extensive line of high-capacity live seafood and lobster tanks to ornamental fish and companion animal set-ups, live plant and aquatic turtle retailer systems, Marineland commercial systems are the premier choice of supermarkets, restaurants and aquatic retailers everywhere.

All product design, manufacturing, quality control, performance testing and safety certification is conducted on-site at our company headquarters. Our engineering and design center, product development lab and prototype testing facility are constantly exploring, defining and refining new ideas and better ways to achieve superior performance levels.

In our lab facilities, we perform basic and applied aquatic research examining the chemical, biological and microbiological processes that occur in tropical fish aquaria (freshwater and marine) and closed (recirculating) aquatic seafood holding systems. This world-class operation includes a fully-equipped water chemistry laboratory, a bio-testing center, complete microbial ecology laboratory and a new bacteria-culturing complex. The primary goal of our research is simple: Develop breakthrough technologies that enable our customers to achieve better water quality and healthier fish.

Not only do our BIO-Wheels deliver biological filtration far superior to any type of submerged system, they can be precultured and delivered ready for immediate product loading. No six week break-in period. No down-time adjustments or guesswork. No gap between system arrival and system profitability.Commercial Aquarium Display Systems

And after your system is set up, our customer service representatives and in-field service technicians are available to keep you up and running.

For sales and service:  Call 800.576.6277 between the hours of 8am-5pm M-F PST.


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    Please contact our Commercial Sales Department for more information and help. For sales and service: Call 800.576.6277