Retail Aquarium In-Line Prep Stations

Marineland Prep Stations are the perfect addition to any aquatic retail operation.

Get the perfect prep station for your retail aquarium display!Easily connectable to your Marineland Vertical Display System, the In-Line Prep Station is supported by a powder-coated steel frame infrastructure for the ultimate in strength and durability. And it comes complete with a carbon sediment filter for prefiltering all water entering the system.







The Marineland Stand Alone Prep Station is the ideal multi-task work station for bagging fish, media preparation, net soaking and quick clean-ups. You’ll also appreciate lots of additional storage space (upper and lower). 


  • Hidden Carbon Sediment Filter
    For sediment-free dechlorinated water supply — easily accessible for servicing and adjustment.
  • Two Extra-deep, Fiberglass Utility Sinks
    For multi-task convenience and impact-resistant durability. Includes swivel-neck outlet fixture.
  • Upper/Lower Storage Compartments
    For loads of storage space.
  • Header
  • Betta cup retail center-tiered, 40-cup capacity shelving with mirrored backing

In-Line Prep Station with Betta
  Dimensions: 37"L x 20"W x 87"H
Also available: 52"L x 20"W x 87"H
In-Line Prep Station without Betta
  Dimensions: 37"L x 20"W x 87"H
Also available: 52"L x 20"W x 87"H
Stand Alone Prep Station