Vertical Display Systems

Retail Display Aquariums and Fish Display Tanks

The Vertical Display Systems are the ultimate combination of compact design, striking appearance and superior filtration. Space-efficient design allows for convenient, self-contained installation. Accessible from the front, modules can be installed within 4" of a wall. The tilt-doors (with corrosion-free hinges) provide quick, easy access to all display tanks. Modular units provide the option of maintaining independent filtration “zones” — warm or cold, freshwater or marine — to showcase different aquatic environments.
Looking for retail aquariums? Marineland has a wide variety of vertical display aquariums and fish display tanks to choose from.

The automatic system refill and water exchange ensure constant water levels, efficient nitrate removal and constant pH. And, of course, all Vertical Display Systems feature the Marineland BIO-Wheel®

Our BIO-Wheel filtration module provides a simple, yet superior solution to three-stage system filtration. Easy to install, easy to maintain, it significantly reduces labor cost while dramatically increasing filtration efficiency.

As water enters the module, waste is mechanically trapped by a poly-fiber prefilter pad. The carbon filter pack contains Black Diamond premium activated carbon for chemical filtration, efficiently adsorbing dissolved organic compounds.

Passing through the filter media trays, water flows onto the BIO-Wheel wet/dry biological filter mounted below. Because system flow causes it to rotate, the BIO-Wheel is constantly exposed to both water and air, thus developing a thriving culture of aerobic nitrifying bacteria.

A custom skimmer draws returning water and floating debris to ensure uniform water processing. Once filtered, water is directed by the system’s high-output recirculation pump to the ultraviolet (UV) disinfection unit and 1000-watt submersible titanium heater and then back to the display tanks. Rate of return to each aquarium is factory preset, so no adjustments are necessary.

The list of standard features includes 33-gallon glass tanks (divided or undivided), lock-equipped electrical control panels and a constant water change system (fresh only). And every system is ETL-certified to meet UL standards for aquarium electrical equipment.

With the Vertical Display System, our sales and technical support team can help you create a system perfect for your aquatic merchandising needs, from multi-system “island” layouts to specialized color schemes to the addition of headers or the retail-enhancing Prep Station.


  • Convenient Service Panels
    Provide easy access to filtration media, heating or refrigeration units and electrical components.

  • Fish-feeding Timers
    Allow you to shut down the system pump for feeding and then automatically restore the system to full operation after a preselected time has elapsed.

  • Fish Jumper Guards
    Cut fish loss dramatically.

  • Sump Replenishment Valves
    Allow you to add water to the sump when water level drops below ideal operational levels.

  • 5000 K Fluorescent Lamps
    These energy-efficient and cool lamps are protected from moisture by a polycarbonate shield. To ensure maximum safety, the power cord is routed inside the system framework.

  • Silk Screened Tank Backgrounds
    Add a durable, aesthetically pleasing visual dimension.


  • Thermostatically controlled refrigeration.

  • Protein skimmer for marine modules.

  • T5 or LED lighting

  • Powder-coated aluminum frame

Download Manuals

Vertical Display Systems Manual

Tilt-Door Vertical Display System Manual

DOUBLE MODULE: 103"L x 21-1/2"W x 87"H
SINGLE MODULE: 51-1/2"L x 21-1/2" W x 87"H

 RM Vertical Display Manual 2012